Butcher Shops Meats Shipped to Your Door

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    Get local butcher shop artisanal meat products delivered free to your door. Including classic country style ring sausage, blood sausage, head cheese, liver sausage, smoked wieners, beef sticks. We currently offer these products shipped outside of Minnesota. Look for more products added monthly! True Farm to Table Beef
    13 products
    Beef Sticks Pineapple
    Beef Sticks Pepper Jack
    Original Smoked Wieners / Hot Dogs
    Melrose Classic Smoked Pork Sausage Ring
    from $8.95
    Beef Sticks Pepper
    Melrose Classic Smoked Cheddar Pork Sausage Ring
    Beef Sticks Cheddar
    Bruders Pork Sausage Ring
    Beef Sticks Cheddar Jalapeno
    Classic Blood Sausage
    Melrose Classic Fresh Pork Sausage Ring
    Smoked Sausage Links