From Our Customers

Brüders is such a wonderful addition to the community! The ground beef, beef sticks, and breakfast links are some of our favs! You always have a great selection to choose from and we have always received great customer service.

Steph M.

We have been enjoying the fine recipes that Brüders Butcher uses since 1950!! So happy they are in Melrose. Especially like their homemade ring bologna, liver sausage and smoked sausage!

Ann S.

Great service and great tasting meats! Love the pineapple sticks!

Mary G.

Bought a pack of their pepper beef sticks today and they were delicious! Highly recommend!

Brooke A.

We stumbled across Brüders on the way to visit family and were impressed by the team behind the counter. They were friendly and helpful and we’ve made a point to head that way just to stop in. To date, we have had several different kinds of brats. Our two favorites are the pineapple and cheddar and the pickle and cheddar. This is a must stop if you are in the area.

Amanda R. N.

So nice to have this in our small town. Great local products and excellent service!

Carly B.

Honestly, my first steak I ate from here made me realize how flavorful and tender beef really is! I cut it with my fork … their brats are so creative, my favorite may be the pineapple. I have purchased so many different things from here (numerous times) and I could rattle on giving praise to their products and their customer service. But seriously, just get over there yourself! Pepper sticks, jerky, yummy cuts of beef … We are so fortunate to have them in our communities.

Lori W. J.

Photos From our Customers!