The Brüders Butcher Story

Brüders Butcher started as a way to stick to our family’s roots. Now, we’re serving our community and putting the trust back in the butcher.

family business

Meet the Borgerdings

From our farm in Stearns County to our butcher shops in Melrose and Breckenridge, we’re proud to be a local, family-owned business.
the owner

Meet Adam Borgerding

Adam grew up in the small farming town of Padua in Central Minnesota and went to college at NDSU. He worked as an engineer with John Deere for 10 years before founding Brüders Butcher.

The Borgerding Brothers

We’re Adam and Lee Borgerding, a couple of Minnesotan brüders (brothers) from a proud family of farmers, and we believe in community, customer service, and the goodness of meat. We are committed to earning your trust by providing quality raised and butchered beef at an affordable price. From raising grass-fed cattle born on family farms to butchering and preparing the meat for your dinner table, we’re dedicated to our craft and our community.

Since 1901

Continuing The Tradition

The Borgerding family took over the Melrose Meat Market in 2019 preserving the local meat market legacy and timeless sausage recipes.

Melrose & Breckenridge/Wahpeton Locations

In February 2019, the Melrose Meat Market became Brüders Butcher. We’re honored to continue the meat market’s legacy by selling their well-known sausages alongside our family-raised beef. We opened our second butcher shop in Breckenridge/Wahpeton in December 2020 and always look forward to serving our customers in both locations.

Meet the Borgerding Family

Family-Raised Cattle

The Borgerding Farm